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Please enjoy the time of relaxation.

Izu's natural surrounded space and time for healing
It is one of the hospitality of FutabaPlease relax to your heart's content.
  • Hinoki with open air bath(Room 302)

    Honma 21 square meters+In the next 10 sq m
    Hinoki with open air bath
  • Hinoki bath with Ariake(Room 201)

    Honma 22 square meters+living
    Hinoki with bath
  • Climax(Room 206)

    Honma 18 square meters+The next 18 square meters
  • Maiden·Yutsuki·Genji·Suehiro

    Honma 18 square meters

  • High sand·Kasuga·Momoyama·Fushimi

    Honma 18 square meters

Equipment in the room

bus, toilet, tv set, Air condition, phone, Hairdryer, Air washer
Refrigerator (* Please feel free to use it as it is empty)

Amenity goods

yukata, towel, bath towel, toothbrush, A shave, Shower cap, Tabi Socks
shampoo, rinse, Body Soap
※Shaver and shower cap are available in the bathroom.