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Information on Surrounding Area

Please have a relaxing time, please.

  • About surrounding tourism

    Futaba more enjoyable, we will introduce around sightseeing and walking course etc.
    Relax and have a relaxing time, please enjoy.
    • Izunokuni Panorama Park

      260 Nagaoka, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2211 260 Nagaoka, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-948-1525

      A walk in the air with a total length of 1800 m, a view from the summit of 452 m, a 360-degree large panorama!
      There is also a meal section and shops where you can see Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay.
    • Izu Mito Sea Paradise

      3-1 Uchiura Nagahama Numazu City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-943-2331

      300 types of fish are displayed in the aquarium, mainly dolphin, sea lions, Todo and other marine beast shows, mainly Suruga Bay creatures.

      You can see it without umbrella even in the rain.
    • Genji Mount Park

      Kuna 38 Kona Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2201 38 Kona Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-948-0304

      A hill of about 150 m in height which occupies almost the center of Izunagaoka Onsen.
      Three boardwalks with thick red pine line lead to the summit.
      Sairin Temple[Sakurinjin]It enters from mouth · Saimyojiguchi · Onsenjo Saimyojiguchi, and is about 15 minutes on foot to the top of each.
      On the way, sports shoes are safe because there are also tilted places.At the top of the mountain there is an observation park and there are two observation tables.
      One looked down at the Kano River, the other is good view hope Nagaoka of the spa town and the mountains of Amagi
    • Egawa Residence

      1 Nirayama Nirayama Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-940-2200

      Although it was a consolidated building grooming, it is a copper sheet roof now due to the repair in the early Showa (time period) era.
      It is the oldest one in the existing mansion building, telling the substitute office building as it is, and it is the country designated important cultural property.
      Particularly visible at the mansion is a raw pillar that uses dynamically organized ceilings and standing trees as it is.
    • Shuzenji Rainbow Township

      4279-3 Syuzenji Izu City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 0558-72-7111

      Nature park full of nature split into each zone, such as Japanese garden, Shakunage no Mori (woods) of harvest nature, flower goby garden, British Village, Canadian Village, Izu village, Japanese garden, traditional craftsmanship village.
      In the park, the mini SL is running.
      There is also an experience section such as paper making experience.
    • Banjo-no-takil Waterfall

      ___ 767-3 Jizodo Izu City Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2515 767-3
      Inquiries | 0558-83-2636

      It is one of the origin of the Kano River flowing through the city and is a waterfall upstream of the Jizodo River.
      There are "Banjonotaki Camp" and "Parasite (Mistletoe)" in the surrounding area.
      "Banjonotaki Matsri" is held in mid August every year.

      Izu Hakone Bus for Banjonotaki from the Shuzenji station Izu Hakone Bus for Banjonotaki.Get off at the "Banjonotaki".
      ※Confirmation of the driving date is required for seasonal operation.
    • Izu Nirayama Country Club

      1613 Naka Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2113
      Inquiries | 055-944-2222

      It is a popular golf course in the local area.
      It is a strategically rich course that the design ideas of Mr. Akahoshi Shiro modern course design and Kato Shunsuke contemporary design fruitfully set in mild Izu.
      Fairway is wide, middle hole is distance, and Mt Fuji that we desire from course is made to show off.
    • Fuji Hakone Country Club

      Shioka 2225 Nagoya Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture 4102101 2225 Nagoya Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-944-2111

      Located in Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Mt Fuji can be seen from any hole.
      Also, a scenic hillside course where you can enjoy the scenery of Suruga Bay.
      It is finished in a course that does not make up / down feeling with a skillful layout, and anyone can enjoy it.
    • Izunagaoka Onsen Mandarin Orange Picking

      Izunokuni City Kosaka 1336 city ​​410-2203
      Toll-free | 0120-418097
      Operation period | From October 1 to January 5

      All you can eat Mokanko!
      If delicious you can also ship.
      Shoes are not dirty too much.
      You can also enjoy a treasure hunting game by searching for a gift card hidden inside the park.
    • Ema Strawberry Picking

      563-7 Kitaema Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
      Inquiries | 055-948-1115
      Operation period | December 12th to May 6th

      Ema Ichigo famous all over the country, all you can eat as much as you want.
      People in the park are free to pick up the rape flowers during the period.
      "Akihime" which can only be eaten in Shizuoka Prefecture is recommended!
  • It is 15 minutes by car to World Heritage Nirayama Reflection Reactor

    • Nirayama Reflector is registered as a World Heritage Site!

      Hideki Egawa deputy officer at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate (Orian) was involved, and his child Hidetoshi who succeeded was completed.Refractory furnace is a furnace that melts metals and casts cannons.It is only here that the operating Reflective Reactor is present.

      【Address】268 Chuaza Narutakiiri Izunokuni City Shizuoka Prefecture
      【time】9 AM to 4:30 PM
      【Charge】Adult 500 yen, Elementary and middle school students 50 yen
  • Izunagaoka Onsen Yurakkusu Park where you can enjoy foot bath

    • Izunagaoka Onsen Yurakkusu Park where you can enjoy foot bath

      "Yulux Park", a popular footbath and healthy promenade using natural stone, is a park with hot-spring theme.
      It is a 5-minute walk from the hotel and there is also a parking lot so you can use it free of charge, so it is recommended for walking after check-in.